KLASS Hub Development
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

KLASS Hub Development

The KLASS Hub at the Secondary Campus will be a multi-purpose space, providing new and improved facilities for our whole community - students, parents and staff. These will include:

  • A brand new kitchen, canteen, dining and deli space - indoor and outdoor
  • A multi-storey car-park and covered bus area to support safe and smooth pick up and drop off
  • A single point of secure entry for students and visitors with an electronic gate system
  • A welcoming lobby and reception area that speaks of the history and innovation of KLASS and provides spaces to show off our students’ learning and creativity
  • A new KLASS Shop - uniform and more!
  • A heritage centre to showcase our KLASS history
  • A parent delicatessen and bespoke seating area
  • Spaces for community events, such as for our Parent Teacher Association
  • A new Admissions centre 
  • Increased capacity for solar panels to support our sustainability mission

Construction of the KLASS Hub commenced during the Christmas break 2022 and will be completed by Term 1 of 2024/25.

Progress Update May 2024

We are pleased to focus on the exciting steps we're taking to bring the interior of the KLASS Hub to life:

  • Interior Design and Furnishings: We're currently finalising the interior design plans for the Hub. This includes selecting furniture, finishes, and decor that will create a welcoming, functional, and inspiring space for our entire school community.
  • Safe and Secure Access: Security is a top priority for the KLASS Hub. We're in the process of choosing the access systems that will ensure a single point of secure entry for students, visitors, and staff. This will include an electronic gate system for added peace of mind.
  • Exciting Food Options

Our Family Experience, Estate Management and Campus Services teams with our catering, transport and cleaning subcontractors are preparing to move into the building by the end of July.