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Your guided listing to alumni businesses, products and services for the KLASSics alumni community

KLASSics Business Directory is one of the services offered to our alumni to help support their business. This initiative began during the pandemic that started last year and we will continue this effort as part of our services. We have over 20 alumni businesses listed in our online directory and your support towards our alumni will help alleviate their business. The business ranges from advertising services to tourism. We share regular online messages on our communication channels to promote the directory. Do support our alumni businesses now.

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KLASSics Alumni Business Directory     

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KLASSics Business DirectoryBuild Your Brand With Us

posted by Tunku Nasruan Adil (Eddy) Tunku Mudzaffar, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1986 - 1992)

A multi-disciplinary advertising and marketing communications agency that focuses on digital marketing, events & activation, digital PR and talent acquisition. Check us out at our website below for more details.

Website: MM Group

(Entry published 15 May 2020)



KLASSics Business DirectoryContemporary Mosaic Masks and Objects, inspired by indigenous tribes in Malaysia and other countries.

posted by Jacqui Brinkhorst, Malaysia
(Former parent 2010 - 2019)

Jacqui creates contemporary mosaic objects. She is inspired by the colours, patterns and textures of the glass, ceramics and other materials she uses, especially by the versatility and chameleon-like quality of the medium. To order her beautiful, intricate pieces, contact her through one of the channels below.

Website:  Jacqui B Mosaics
Facebook: Jacqui B Mosaics
Instagram: Jacqui B Mosaics

(Entry published 19 January 2021)



KLASSics Business DirectoryWelcome to The New Old School

posted by Campbell Tupling, Malaysia
(Former Parent 2000 - 2008)

Over sixty years on, Caterham is still adhering to Chapman’s original philosophy and is still turning out variants of the Seven that don’t so much shout ‘fun’ at you, as grab you by the lapels and scream it in your face.

Website: https://www.caterhamcars.com/

(Entry published 13 May 2020)


Banking/Finance/Wealth Management

KLASSics Business DirectoryFor Tomorrow, Today

posted by Thomas Riggs, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1995 - 2002)

Offers bespoke services with a holistic and highly personalised approach to meet the circumstances and individual needs. Being independent of any conglomerate, it is simply a widely experienced wealth management company with proven track records and has an exceptional understanding of its client’s needs.

Special Offer:

KLASSics members will receive a discounted management fee of 0.75% per annum instead of our standard 1% advisory fee when working with us. Please find out more on our website:

Website: http://absolutefsl.com/

(Entry published 13 May 2020)

KLASSics Business DirectoryDirect Debit Made Easy

posted by Zachary Liew, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1996 - 2010)

A FinTech company that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to collect recurring payments. It is a simple solution for collecting Direct Debit and FPX payments online, allowing businesses to be in control of when they get paid.

Website: www.curlec.com 

(Entry published 4 May 2020)

KLASSics Business DirectoryAn American investment bank

posted by Jack Lee, Malaysia
(Alumnus 2013 - 2015)

An American investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City. JPMorgan Chase is incorporated in Delaware.

Website: JP Morgan Chase & Co.

(Entry published 25th May 2021)

KLASSics Business Directorysmall steps, Big Impact

posted by Tunku Danny Mudzaffar, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1985 - 1990)

microLEAP is a Shariah-compliant and Conventional P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Financing platform that is regulated by the Securities Commission, Malaysia. They help local businesses obtain much needed financing from the crowd (people like you or me), rather than the bank. The crowd on the other hand, will receive up to 18%pa returns while bringing about a positive impact on these local businesses.

Special Offer:

Use KLASS when applying; all Investors (lenders) will receive free RM15 credit to try their platform.

Website: microLeap

(Entry published 03 Feb 2023)



KLASSics Business DirectoryWe Do It Right, The First Time

posted by Reven Vahmanithy, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1996 - 2018)

Its residential work involves the designing and building of houses, bungalows and offices, including plumbing services (water rack). For main construction projects, it specialises in network cabling, plumbing, construction, pipe diversion, electrical cabling, roofing, fiber optics solution, design & build & interior design, architecture diagram and general consultancy.

Facebook: ACN Plumbing and Construction

(Entry published 15 May 2020)

KLASSics Business DirectoryThe Premium Roof Window

posted by Mary Strickland, Australia
(Alumna 1993 - 2003)

A leading manufacturer of premium roof windows and roof access in Australia. With over 50 years in the skylight ATLITE is pioneering uncompromising quality in design, manufacturing, construction and service. Creates a WOW feature in home with a triangle, hexagon or rhombus shaped roof window.

Website: www.atlite.com.au

(Entry published 15 May 2020)

KLASSics Business DirectoryYour Trusted Plywood Trader

posted by Zoe Lim, Malaysia
(Alumna 2016 - 2018)

A sole distributor of PioneerOSB - the first and only next-generation wood panel in Southeast Asia with internationally-recognised standards. Its product prides in environmental-friendliness and resource efficiency through maximised utilisation of logs in combination with recycled wood from rubber trees.

Website: ES Eng Soon Trading Sdn Bhd

(Entry published 15 May 2020)


KLASSics Business DirectoryAsian Institute of Knowledge Management

posted by Dr Jon Tay, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1972 - 1979)

A training, learning and research institute, dedicated to help individuals and organisations thrive in the competitive globalised knowledge-based economy.

Website: http://www.asianikm.com/ 

(Entry published 1 May 2020)

KLASSics Business DirectoryDedicated To Creating Brand-Led Growth

posted by Remona Duquesne, Singapore
(Alumna 1983 - 1986)

A global brand strategy consultancy with offices in the UK, Latin America, India and Singapore. An international team of highly experienced brand, marketing and innovation strategy experts and entrepreneurs who provide consulting services to business and marketing leaders.

Website: https://thebrandgym.com/

(Entry published 2 May 2020)



KLASSics Business Directory Award Winning Pianist, Composer & Music Producer

posted by Datuk Ross Ariffin, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1970 - 1973)

Award winning pianist, composer and music producer with Sony Music Malaysia and published under both MACP Berhad Malaysia and Sony Publishing Sdn Bhd Malaysia. He provides music classes for piano, violin, composition, vocal and also provides music producing and composing services.

Website: MyVision4u

(Entry published 17 June 2020)


Environmental NGOs

KLASSics Business DirectoryBringing Green Mainstream

posted by Baida Hercus, Malaysia
(Alumna and Current Parent, KLASS 1984-2022)

We are an environmental NGO focused on giving away free trees and conducting environmental learning opportunities.

FTS is bringing its environmental stewardship programme online, starting June 2020! We’ve crafted an Online Sustainable Living Programme for corporations interested in doing CSR with us, and an Online Volunteering Module for secondary school students. These sessions can be conducted over a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, with participants learning from their offices or homes.

Participants can expect to: Learn to propagate plants through seed planting and stem cuttings; Learn about composting and other zero waste solutions; Learn the latest science on the climate crisis and its solutions; And, to GROW PLANTS! To know more about our online learning, visit our website below today.

Website: Free Tree Society

(Entry published 18 May 2020)


Food and Beverage

KLASSics Business DirectoryIrresistible Mouth-watering Candies Everyday 

posted by Daniel Tee, Malaysia
(Alumnus 2003 - 2012)

One of the biggest candy manufacturers in Malaysia. It manufactures lollipops, sea salt candies, rock
salt candies, hard candies, gummies and others.

Website: www.hamac.com.my
FB: @HamacFood

(Entry published 4 May 2020)



KLASSics Business Directory Counselling Tailored to Your Needs

posted by Karen Macmillan, UK
(Alumna 1967 - 1973)

Out of difficulty comes learning and growth. Be assured of safe and confidential counselling, tailored
to one’s needs.

Website: Karen Macmillan Counselling

(Entry published 21 May 2020)



KLASSics Business Directory Lawyers ahead of the curve

posted by Peter Foskett, UK
(Alumnus 1967 - 1969)

A UK Top 100 law firm employing over 480 people in London, Bath, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. Its aim is to create lasting relationships with its clients that provide value over time. Being ahead of the curve means so much more than delivering advice, business processes and technology.

Website: Royds Withy King

(Entry published 28 May 2020)

KLASSics Business Directory Advocates and Solicitors

posted by Smita Lakhiani, Malaysia
(Alumna 1988 - 1997)

The one stop shop for all things legal. This firm has been in practice for the past thirty six years since it was established in 1978. An experienced team specialising in litigation, conveyancing and corporate aspects of legal practice.

Contact: Shaharudin Sham Sunder & Partners

(Entry published 21 May 2020)



KLASSics Business Directory Branch Out and Grow

posted by Daniel Woodroof, Malaysia
(Alumnus 2001 - 2014)

A digital marketing agency, specialising in social media management, website design, digital advertising, SEO and content creation.


Contact: Daniel Woodroof
Website: www.pandansocial.com 

(Entry published 2 May 2020)


Oil & Gas

KLASSics Business Directory Seismic Acquisition and Processing Consultancy

posted by Dr Robert Hardy, Malaysia
(Former Parent 2015 - 2018)

An organisation which provides seismic acquisition and processing consultancy, peer review and training services since 2002. Its consultancy service includes independent peer review; 2D,3D & 4D seismic survey planning and design; full waveform seismic modelling; investigative problem solving; 2D, 3D & 4D seismic acquisition and processing contract supervision, seismic processing research and seismic Oceanography.

Website: Tonta Energy Ltd

(Entry published 15 May 2020)


Real Estate

KLASSics Business Directory The Specialists in Local and International Property

posted by Datuk Christopher Boyd, Malaysia
(Former Parent 1989 - 2009)

Provides in-depth knowledge and professional advice across all real estate sectors, from asset management to research to property management. Established in March 1995 in Kuala Lumpur, additional offices were opened in Johor Bahru in 1996 and then Penang in 1998.

Website: www.savills.com.my
Facebook: @Savills Malaysia
LinkedIn: Savills Malaysia

(Entry published 19 May 2020)



KLASSics Business Directory AntikBar - Original Vintage Posters

posted by Harriet Kalinin, UK
(Alumna 1979 - 1982)

A London gallery specialising in original vintage posters covering a wide variety of subjects - travel, advertising, sport, cinema, war and propaganda - from around the world.

Website: www.AntikBar.co.uk 

(Entry published 1 May 2020)

KLASSics Business Directory Your Supplier of Kitchenware and Tableware

posted by Joanne Lai, Malaysia
(Alumna 1997 - 2000)

A private listed company registered in Malaysia, whose principal activity is in the distribution of household products through wholesaling and retailing. It provides trendy and traditional household products without sacrificing practicality at competitive prices.

Special Offer:

Quote “Alice Smith Alumni” or “KLASSics” during purchase to enjoy a minimal discount of 35% or the prevailing promotion discount. For more info, visit our website.

Website: Giacomo Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

(Entry published 21 May 2020)

KLASSIcs Business Directory Silverplus has something for you

posted by Karen Ann Donald, Malaysia
(Alumna 2001 - 2015)

A silver jewellery company. Established 12 years ago, it is well-known among the expat community and  beyond for affordable, stylish and contemporary sterling silver jewellery. Big choice, good value and excellent service.

Special Offer:

Quote “KLASS” during purchase to enjoy a discount of 10%. For more info, visit our website.

Website: SilverPlus Jewellery Sdn Bhd

(Entry published 28 May 2020)




We Help Companies Transform their Workforce

posted by Fern Chong, Malaysia
(Alumna 1990 - 1999)

Blue Fern helps companies transform their workforce, partner with leaders in identifying their workforce challenges. They also enable individuals with their career mobility; mobility withing the organisation and mobility exiting the organisation.

Contact: [email protected]
Linkedin: Fern Chong

(Entry published 03 Feb 2023)

KLASSics Business DirectoryAn offshore geophysical data processing & interpretation company.

posted by Gerald Bishop, UK
(Alumnus 2013 - 2019)

An offshore geophysical data processing and interpretation company, aimed at providing high quality products for marine projects such as offshore windfarms, cable/pipe laying, wreck discovery, UXO hazard surveys, etc. Services range from pre-survey planning, acquisition, processing, quality control; all the way to post-stack migration, with comprehensive reporting and detailed geological interpretation. Services are provided worldwide.

Website:  Seis/Geo/Tech Ltd.

(Entry published 22nd February 2021)

KLASSics Business DirectorySchool management made effortless.

posted by Jemaimah Mustapha, Malaysia
(Alumnus 1992 - 2003)

QuickSchools is a Student Information System (SIS) for the education industry. We work alongside educators every step of the way, helping education run more smoothly. We provide you with everything you need, from entering report cards to tracking attendance. And the best part is that all your data is securely hosted in the cloud! It doesn't matter where your school is located or the size, QuickSchools can help! Learn more at http://www.quickschools.com/quickschools/quick-tour

Website: QuickSchools

(Entry published 19 December 2022)


KLASSics Business Directory Your African Conservation Story Starts Here

posted by Michelle Campbell, Africa
(Alumna 1998 - 2001)

A company dedicated to wildlife conservation in Africa. From intentional and ethical Safari experiences that awaken the soul and inspire a lifelong passion for their wild wonderful world, to wildlife warrior memberships and Rapid Response Fund that raises money for important conservation work on the ground - everything that it does is inspired by the love of wildlife and desire to protect it.

Contact: +27735256218

Website: Wild Wonderful World
Facebook: @WildWonderfulWorld
Instagram: @WildWonderfulWorld
Youtube: Wild Wonderful World Channel

(Entry published 21 May 2020)


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