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Alice Smith School


Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

We are privileged to have a community of parents that are keen to be actively involved in school life in some way. Our parents play an integral and valued role, contributing so much to enhance both our children's experiences and the life of the school community.

As part of our welcome process, our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will reach out to all new parents with e-mail containing useful information on how to connect with other parents and become part of our community. 

The PTA also manages our Class Rep (for Primary) and Year Rep (for Secondary) WhatsApp groups. The school will be sending you information on how to connect with them at the beginning of the school year.

KLASS parents can follow the PTA Facebook and Instagram feeds for up-to-date information on events.

Our active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has an elected Committee which meets regularly and supports the school through significant contributions. We are fortunate to benefit greatly from their voluntary efforts. 

Our PTA Committee

We are very proud of the make up of our Committee, as it reflects well the diversity and the international spirit of our school. Malaysian, Japanese, British, Chinese, Norwegian, Mexican, Croatian, American, Indian, Canadian - we're a great mix of experiences, cultures, languages and different sense of humour! Inclusiveness and community building are two things that we value most. In case you want to get in touch, don't hesitate to write to us individually (email addresses above), collectively at [email protected] or just say hi to us when you see us at JB or EP! 

Coming up

Some of our community's favourite events will make a comeback in 2023 including:

June Family Fun Day

September Back-to-School Fair

November Spookfest

December Christmas Bazaar