Early Years
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Early Years

At the Alice Smith School Early Years (Preschool - Year 2), we want your child to flourish and thrive. We offer a wide range of learning opportunities through a broad and balanced enriched Early Years curriculum, trips and excursions and a wide range of enrichment opportunities. 

  • We promote intercultural literacy
  • We nurture and support the best in every student
  • We teach and practice PERMAH (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, health) and character strengths. 

We want to nurture emotionally intelligent students. We want to equip our students with a broad knowledge base that will allow them to think and question in a sophisticated way. We want them to develop subject disciplinary skills to enable them to work as subject experts. 

Ultimately, we want all of our students to grow into positive citizens with a love for learning and emotional intelligence that will equip them for success in school - and beyond.

You can read more about helping your child to start school confidently in our blog and watch our video below for an introduction to our Early Years provision.


Our teachers will assess your child on an on-going basis in order to understand their level of achievement and interests. 

In Preschool and Reception, your child will have their own individual learning journal (Seesaw). Seesaw allows us to share this information with you regularly and enables you to respond and discuss these successes as they happen. Staff will upload observations, photos, and short videos on a regular basis to build up a record of your child’s experiences and progress.

Using the information from observations to inform planning, allows us to create a motivating environment for your child’s next steps in learning. In addition to the learning journal, parents will receive an annual report.