KLASS Leaders
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

KLASS Leaders

The Alice Smith School over the years has been under the helm of many great leaders.

Director / Head of School
Andrew Homden1996-2002
Valerie Thomas-Peter2008-2014 
Roger Schultz2014 to 2022
Sian May2022 to current
Primary Campus Principals
Alice Fairfield-Smith1946-1949 
Anne Lilley 1949-1951 
Doris Muir1951-1959
 Ella Whitmore1959-1961
Denise Fleming1961-1964 
Patricia Lee1964-1989
 Joseph Eales1984-1992
Sue de Bohun1992-1997 
Anthony Richards1997-1999 
Steve Caulfield1999-2011
 Kate Fuller2011-2016
Tom Verity2016 to 2020
Alan McCarthy2020 to current
Secondary Campus Principals 
Andrew Homden1996-2000
Stephen Murray2000-2003
Nikolas Bishop2003-2007 
Richard Dyer2007-2009
Roger Schultz2010-2014 
Sarah Howling2014 to 2020
Dr. Maria Osowiecki2020 to 2023

In their own words...

Patricia Lee - Primary Principal, 1964 - 1989

“A very special happening in the history of the school was the day, in April 1981 when our Founder paid us a visit. This milestone was even more memorable because it was totally unexpected! Alice Smith spent the morning walking around the school, most of which she had never seen before.

The children could not believe that they were meeting a lady who to them was truly a legend. Alice departed feeling very, very happy at the development and progress of her school from what she called ‘such small beginnings’. And what an honour it was for us to have met her!”

Joseph Eales - Primary Principal, 1984 - 1992

“I joined the staff as Deputy Principal in January 1984. I was appointed as Principal a year later. I was quick to learn of the excellent reputation the school enjoyed in both the expatriate and local communities. The school has undergone enormous changes over the past years, but some things have remained constant: The Alice Smith School has an undisputed reputation in every aspect of education, and although the number of international schools has mushroomed over the intervening years, Alice Smith continues to be the school of choice for the majority.”

Sue de Bohun - Primary Principal, 1992 - 1997

“While change is a natural element of development and growth, it was obvious from the start that there was one thing that should never change. Something that needed to be nurtured and preserved at all costs; the superb ethos of the school and the quality of the relationships between pupils and staff. It was a privilege to see such intelligent children grow into articulate, confident and caring young adults.

The teachers, of course, led their development, some highly experienced and some young, both local and overseas, they inspired high standards and were energetic and enthusiastic. 

I also remember the generosity of the parents’ response to the ‘new school’ project, despite the fact that some of their children would never benefit from its facilities or opportunities. Working with the ‘new school’ committees and architects on the development of the Taman Equine site was a ‘three year’ highlight of my Alice Smith experience, both challenging and exciting.”

Andrew & Jan Homden - Director of School, 1996 - 2002

“Jan and I look back at our time at KLASS with great fondness and appreciation. It was a privilege to serve such a wonderful community of staff, parents, governors and friends of the school.

Most of all, we remember the students, who had a very special sense of the school’s identity, and who always supported each other in and out of the classroom.”

Anthony Richards - Primary Principal, 1997 - 1999


“Walking around the school each day, I never failed to be impressed by the purposeful calm and the ambience of care within every classroom, where children are happy but also focused on their learning, under the watchful eyes and direction of the teaching staff. There are many happy memories upon which to reflect. But my abiding memory of the school will be the vitality, kindness and generosity of spirit that abounds.”

Steve Caulfield - Primary Principal, 1999 - 2011


“We often refer to the sense of Community Spirit at Alice Smith and this was nowhere more evident than during our Activity Week. What an amazing effort by parents and staff and a fantastic experience for the children. Proving that not all learning happens through books!”

Nikolas Bishop - Secondary Principal, 2003 - 2007

“What makes Alice Smith students so remarkable is the fact that many of them are involved in so many different activities.

For some, these include sporting activities, the challenging performances, charities’ work, fundraising and more. Another important part of life at Alice Smith is building cultural awareness and social skills. All the while, the students and teachers are hard at work ensuring that the ever-important academic studies do not slip!”

Valerie Thomas-Peter - Head of School, 2008 - 2014

“The world has changed dramatically since the Alice Smith School opened 70 years ago but its enduring mission to ensure that its students ‘reach for the stars’ is as relevant today as it was then. I am proud to have been associated with the school and to have assisted in its further development during my six year tenure, developing amongst other things the scholarship initiative and also instituting the annual celebration of Founder’s Day on Alice Smith’s birthday. The school’s solid foundations will ensure its success for future generations in years to come."

Kate Fuller - Primary Principal, 2011 - 2016

“What a pleasure to be part of such an amazing institution.

I was delighted to have been given the honour of leading the Alice Smith School Primary Campus for five years, just a small part of it’s history... We loved making our small contribution to the legacy that is KLASS.”

Roger Schultz - Head of School, 2014 to 2022


“Being part of the Alice Smith story is a humbling experience and a great honour. Our over seventy year history is filled with people, accomplishments, events and happenings that have shaped the school.”

Sarah Howling - Secondary Principal, 2014 to 2020

“The Alice Smith School has a unique past and its ethos continues today; nurturing, inspiring and enriching the lives and characters of young people. We look forward to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

It really is an honour and a privilege to belong to something so very special.”

Tom Verity - Primary Principal, 2016 to 2020

“I find that I have joined Alice Smith at a most auspicious time. The events that I have so far experienced - the opening of the athletics field at Equine Park and the 70th anniversary year celebrations, are testament, not only to the school’s excellent past, but also the result of a generosity of spirit started by Alice Smith 70 years ago.

The investment in the future, in facilities, in children and in staff will reap rewards for decades to come, not just here in Malaysia, but through the citizens that both campuses send out into our community. I am fortunate to be just one of those Alice Smith has invested in and I am proud to be part of that and all the great things Alice Smith School does and aspires to be. Sic Itur Ad Astra.”

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