Making A Gift To Us
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Making A Gift To Us

Sharing a gift that impacts positively on the dreams and aspirations of others is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. Making a difference with The Alice Smith School Foundation through giving provides you with the exciting opportunity to make a difference to shape a better world for current and future generations.

How to make a gift

Types of giving    

  • Direct Donation:You can choose to give a one-off donation or participate in regular giving monthly, quarterly or annually. To donate, click here.
  • Endowment: You may choose to leave a legacy with us through a legacy gift or supporting our learning spaces and facilities, which offers naming opportunities
  • In-kind: Gifts in-kind, or non-monetary donations are also accepted. The school values the giving of in-kind donation in support of our fundraising initiative and improvement to our facility where we have been enriched over the years by gifts donated by alumni, friends and corporations.

Mode of giving

You can make your donation with any of the payment mode below: 

a) Donate online: Click here or the 'Make a Gift’ button below and follow the prompts.

b) Donate directly via bank transfer:

Account Name: The Alice Smith Schools Association
Company registration no: 001923A
Account no. : 301-375325-101
Bank Name: HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Bank Address : 2 Leboh Ampang, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Swift Code: HBMBMYKL

Please note that overseas telegraphic transfers are not possible in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Transactions in GBP/USD or other currencies must be equivalent to the amount charged in MYR.

Please email your bank transaction slip to [email protected].my. For cheques or any other assistance, please contact The Alice Smith School Foundation at [email protected].my.


Your gift of donation or time

Sharing your gift is valuable to the lives of people we are helping. The Foundation exercises caution at all times to ensure all fundraising costs are well managed. Only costs for direct fundraising initiatives are charged to the Foundation.

Besides supporting the Foundation with gifts, volunteerism also plays an important role in giving. We are fortunate that our school community, from parents to staff, alumni and students have been supportive to our various fundraising initiatives. You may also volunteer to help to raise funds for the Foundation.

Support the Alice Smith School Foundation and make a difference now.

Every gift is important, no gift is too small.

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Make a GiftBe a Volunteer

To see how your gift and support made a difference, read here for our Sustainable Impacts stories.

If you would like to get in touch with us anytime, kindly email [email protected].

For more information about Giving, take a look below at our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Who is encouraged to give?

Anyone and everyone! Making a gift does not discriminate, and so are our philanthropic and sustainability projects. Our aim with you is to build a sustainable future together by nurturing, inspiring and enriching lives through education. Read more here on the projects that we are currently leading, and how you can be a part of our transformational work.

If I am already a part of the school community (staff, parent, student), is it compulsory that I donate?

No. While our goal is 100% participation by the school community, the school wishes to stress that donations are voluntary. Donations should be freely given with no expectations of personal gain other than due thanks and recognition. Hear what our current donors say about their experience donating to the Foundation, read more here.  

Why does the Alice Smith School invite donations, in addition to school fees?

The Alice Smith School is a not-for-profit organisation. Additional income sources such as donations from the PTA and the Foundation, allow the school to offer students special enhancements to their educational experience without affecting school fees. The donations also enable Alice Smith to expand the reach and scope of its charitable and philanthropic work and will help to secure the long term future of the school.

Be inspired by our stories and current projects here.

Do other international schools in Malaysia and the region raise money in this way?

Yes, many other not-for-profit schools have ‘giving’ programmes. Long established and highly reputable British and American international schools have annual fundraising programmes, having identified the need to supplement operating budgets to enhance student programmes. Fundraising through ‘giving’ is common practice in the British school system. Annual funds are recognised as the cornerstone of fund-raising for many independent academic institutions and have a proven record of positive impact. 

Is there a minimum amount I must donate?

No, all donations are gratefully accepted. The ultimate goal is 100% participation by the community and every contribution is valued and appreciated.

If I can't afford to donate, are there other ways I can help?

Of course! Your can choose to gift your time. Volunteerism plays an imperative role in giving. We are fortunate that our school community, from parents to staff, alumni and students have been supportive to our various fundraising initiatives. You can choose from these volunteering opportunities to support the Foundation:

To volunteer for our Foundation's Alice Smith Supporters Programme today, click here.

Will my donation and volunteering make a difference?

Absolutely! Every gift has an impact in making a positive difference to our students, families, teachers and community. Maximising participation is a testament to our donors’ belief in what we are doing. It is also a statement to others that the Alice Smith School comprises a community actively involved in the advancement of its transformational philanthropic endeavours for the community and driving towards the long-term sustainability of the school. 

For example;

  • Contributions towards our Scholarships and Bursaries funds has enabled us to award the first ever recipient of the Tertiary Study Grant Award in 2020. Funding from this grant will help the scholar's tuition fees to their university of choice. 
  • Our Build Kindness campaign with Kechara Soup Kitchen Society where our volunteers are going to help distribute food provisions and be involved in the community Enhancement Programme.
  • The Foundation Charity Dinner where students, parents and teachers volunteer to raise funds in support of the service learning initiatives and charitable projects carried out by our secondary students.

Read more here about the amazing work we have able to carry out through the support of donors and supporter like you. 


Who will know how much I have donated?

Donation value recognition is optional. In our donation forms, you will be asked if you wish for your contribution to be acknowledged. If you wish to be included and recognised in our list of donors, it may appear in selected print, publication or online.

In addition, donations will be recognised in the annual ‘Thank You’ Report of Giving. Donors have the option not to have their donation value categorised or not to have their name included at all in the reporting of giving to the Foundation. Your name or image may also appear in the Foundation's social media channel, with your permission.

How will the Foundation be contacting me?

The Foundation may get in touch with you personally or through our online communication. Updates to the whole community will be posted on the foundation pages of the school's Contribute site and will include information on funds collection, our impactful stories and updates of our philanthropic and sustainability journey. You can also view our current fundraising dashboard here.

Our donors and supporters will receive our quarterly e-newsletter, the Gratitude News and periodical email updates on fundraising campaigns that you support. 

A dedicated annual publication about the work of the Foundation will report on funds received as well as funds spent or allocated.

Contact Us

The Advancement Office aims to build long-lasting relationships between the Foundation and the community through a programme of events, volunteer work, news and regular updates.

With the support of the community, be that with time or financial giving, we help ensure that the Alice Smith School Foundation acts as a vital link between the school and its stakeholders, reinforcing the belief of the school that it brings out the best in all people and creates an enduring sense of belonging to something very special.

With your support, the Alice Smith School will continue to provide an outstanding education  with increased opportunities and experiences for years to come. The Foundation will work very closely with you to ensure that your philanthropic wishes are met and keep you fully informed about the projects you have chosen to support.