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Learning Environment | Sixth Form | Alice Smith School

We have a dedicated Sixth Form Centre, smoothly bridging the gap between school and university style learning to support students in their studies.

It is a dynamic workplace specially designed to create an environment to support and encourage independent learning, peer collaboration and provide continuity from secondary school to higher education.

Modern, fresh, vibrant, clean, comfortable, bright, open. Classrooms that appear similar to what one would find on a university campus. Picturesque buildings constructed in such a way as to let fresh air run through the open areas.

Resources all around that inspire creativity within the students.

Comfortable seating areas scattered around the campus so that the moment a student is inspired, they have somewhere to sit down and get to work. These are the things you will see the moment you are inside. These types of learning environments inspire students with choice in how they learn.

Sixth Form Learning Environment

Individual study areas

Sixth Form students have study periods during which they will often want some quiet time to complete tasks, revise for tests or catch up with some background reading. As a result, we’ve met their needs by giving them a quiet study zone.

Study booths

We found that students loved the study booths that appear elsewhere in our school so we built some custom booths in their Sixth Form area. This allows study but in a more collaborative way. Students can now be seen quizzing each other in preparation for a unit test, collaborating on a shared piece of work or even just sitting and chatting whilst having a snack and a coffee.

Relaxation Zone

At Alice Smith, our students work hard in and out of school. They need to learn the skills we all require to know when and how to relax, so we have a more comfortable aea which consists of comfortable chairs, sofas and bean bags to let them unwind.

Lecture Theatre

We have an amazing lecture theatre that seats over 120 students. This allows a whole year group to attend sessions on a variety of topics. Our programme incorporates lunchtime lectures from universities around the world, where students find out about life, courses and study from a variety of institutions from Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. In addition, our lecture theatre provides an opportunity for students to present to their own peers.

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