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Alice Smith School


The Alice Smith School has been serving the community of Kuala Lumpur since 1946, and throughout that time has prided itself on providing outstanding academic rigour accompanied by an impactful holistic education. With over 40 nationalities, we understand and celebrate the diversity of our community which enriches the lives of us all.

As a not-for-profit school from the very beginning, we recognise the importance of reinvesting every ringgit of school fees into student learning which remains at the very heart of what we do. To echo and reinforce our commitment to our local community, we offer scholarship programmes which allow students to excel, thereby giving them access to the best universities in the world. In this way, we hope that all our students reach for the stars.

Our Year 10 and Year 12 Reach for the Stars Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 are now closed. 

Kindly refer to the respective links below for further details on the types of scholarships. 

KLASS Honour Roll (for existing Alice Smith students only)

From 2024-2025 awards will be made using a KLASS Honour Roll system and awarded after the announcement of the (I)GCSE results.

Our KLASS Honour Roll will recognise the academic accomplishments of our 10 highest attaining (I)GCSE students who will be entered into the KLASS Honour Roll based on their final summer results. 

Those awarded places on the KLASS Honour roll will receive a 25% academic scholarship on their tuition fees for Years 12 and 13.

We will continue to award 1x scholarship for Arts and 1x scholarship for Sports in recognition of the value that the Arts and Sport bring to our students and their holistic education. These two scholarships will sit outside of the Honour roll; they will be awarded by the Head of Faculty for CE Arts and the Director of Sport . Recipients of these awards will receive a 25% scholarship on their tuition fees for Years 12 and 13.

Arts Scholarship

(one per academic year)

Sports Scholarship

(one per academic year)

Students must:
  • Demonstrate outstanding ability and talent in either Arts or Sports
  • Be a positive role model to younger students and act as an ambassador for either Arts or Sports
  • Be committed to continued participation in and support and/or representation of Arts or Sports whilst studying at KLASS.
Students will likely have:
  • Been on a personal journey of development
  • Represented the school in either Arts of Sports (sport, team, tournament, performance, exhibition or similar)
  • Strongly evidenced leadership skills.
Evidence may come from:
  • A strong portfolio of past performances or work
  • A high level attendance and involvement in rehearsals, performances, productions or shows
  • Testimony from their teacher(s), especially those who have taught them CEArts.
Evidence may come from:
  • A substantial commitment to school sport, training and development
  • High level accomplishments (times, medals, achievements etc)
  • Testimony from their teacher(s), especially those who have coached and/or taught them
  • Sport leadership, either in a playing or non-playing capacity.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the KLASS Honour Roll or the Arts and  Sports scholarships please email the VP for Community and Enrichment, Stefan Rodic at [email protected].

Reach for the Stars Scholarships

The Reach for the Stars scholarships are partial scholarships covering up to 50% of fees, and are awarded on the basis of excellent academic attainment or talent in, for example, the arts or sports. Interested scholars will need to show strong academic performance and be an outstanding model student. This scholarship is awarded to external students and is awarded prior to the start of both (I)GCSE and A Level programmes. 

The A Level Reach for the Stars Scholarship is issued to students applying for 2-year A Level Programme (August intake - likely to be current (I)GCSE students).

The (I)GCSE Reach for the Stars Scholarship is issued to students applying for 2-year (I)GCSE Programme (August intake).