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My School Portal

The school communicates with parents using various methods, depending on the nature and urgency of the information that needs to be communicated.

Communication TypeWhat is it for?How to Access?
Letters are normally sent via email. The letter will appear in the body of the email text.To give specific information relating to your child in school. This may include forms that need completion, details of activities or sports fixtures information for exampleVia your school email
My School PortalAccess your child’s core school information, which includes:
  • School Messages
  • School Calendar Events
  • School Directory
  • Student Reports
  • Student Tutor Listing
  • Student Class Schedule 
  • Student Commendations
  • Important Links 
You can access the portal by:

1) Navigating to 
2) Click the red Google sign in button
3) Use your school email address to sign in
SMS/Text  (Short Message Service)Used as an immediate method of contacting parents to relay urgent information. The SMS is sent to the registered principal point of contact (unless advised otherwise).
EmailTo communicate directly with your child’s teachers.


All teachers and other useful contacts are listed in the Staff Directory on the iSAMS Parent app. Please note that teachers may not access email during the school day as they may be teaching. However, a response can be expected within 48 hours.
Link Books/Student Diaries and PlannersGeneral messages can be written in the child’s link book / planner / diary for the teacher, particularly at the Primary Campus.