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Krishna Ghantala - Testimonial Krishna Ghantala

Class of 2019
University of Cambridge

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, I think this quote is quite poignant - The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I think having a dream and an ambition is very important. And it could be anything but it helps to channel your energy and it helps make every experience more rewarding. Alice Smith has certainly shaped and made me a better person and has given me stronger morals. 

Shen-Vey Lai - Testimonial

Shen-Vey Lai

Alice Smith Scholar, 2017-2019
Yale University (Full Scholarship)

I am eternally grateful for this experience and the Alice Smith Scholarship. Grateful for the opportunities I've been given the privilege to explore; for the community of people whom I've come to cherish; and for the encouragements that have inspired me to dream unceasingly.

Charissa Lee - Testimonial Charissa Lee

Alice Smith Scholar, 2017 - 2019
Wesleyan University (Full Scholarship)

Alice Smith has opened my mind to a wide range of subjects, especially the social sciences. I have developed the skills of an independent learner which will be invaluable when I am at university. The Alice Smith Scholarship has given me a great community of friends and teachers who have prepared me for the academic and personal challenges that I will face in future. I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn in a very encouraging environment.

Valerie Ho - Testimonial Valerie Ho

Alice Smith Scholar, 2017 - 2019
University of Warwick (CIMB ASEAN Scholarship)

Alice Smith constantly encourages us to be inquisitive and to be creative, and I think it is here where students are cultivated to be curious and to always think outside the box. As an Alice Smith scholar, I learnt how to be agile; to be able to adapt to a variety of situations with a high degree of enthusiasm. I’ve also learnt to be more confident and open minded, which are essential traits when it comes to meeting new people and experiencing new situations. The Scholarship has taught me to make use of every opportunity in my way. I’ve learnt to be more resilient and to be bolder in taking risks, and I think it will definitely help me greatly as I step into university.

Ethan Allwood - Testimonial Ethan Allwood

Head Student, Class of 2019
University of Waterloo

The school has always pushed us and really gave opportunities that have allowed us to achieve and get us out of our comfort zone, and really be ourselves. The nurturing environment has been amazing. It feels like home here and we are able to develop into the person we want to be. It is simply the best experience I've ever had.

Tara Sekhar - Testimonial Tara Sekhar

Head Student, Class of 2019
University of Edinburgh

The Alice Smith School community has helped me develop as a person and I can proudly say that I am its product. Teachers have continously fuelled my curiosity to learn and my school coaches have instilled in me passion.

Jessica Lazaro - Testimonial Jessica Lazaro

Head Student, Class of 2019
University College London

Alice Smith has shaped me in a huge way. As I reflect my life at Alice Smith over the last six years, memories of friends, exhilarating experiences, wins and losses all fill my head with a breath of emotions. The wealth of opportunities that the school has provided me with have genuinely made me the person I am today. 

Jounghyun - Testimonial

Jounghyun Shim

Head Student, Class of 2019
University College London

Alice Smith has allowed me to find my passion, my goals and my dreams. The caring  and loving culture at this school is the nature of our community and I am so proud to have spent my chaotic life as a teenager here - at home. 

Emily - Testimonial

Emily Scanlon

Alumnus, 2005 - 2012

The biggest impact Alice Smith had on me was the international community it fosters. In so many ways, and so many different situations, Alice Smith has taught me to not just learn to form those kinds of relationships but also learning from them and learning a bit more about the world.

Lily - TestimonialLily Williams

KLASS Student, Year 13

I have been a part of the Alice Smith School for 12 years and I can honestly say that it is my home away from home. The Alice Smith School has shaped me into the person I am today. It has taught me to be respectful, kind, and hard-working and these are attributes that I will carry through to later life. Academically, it has provided me with fantastic resources, and amazing teachers that have helped me to reach my goals along with a wide range of after school activities that help to enhance my learning. Sports wise, the school has created life-changing opportunities that have helped me to aim higher in my sporting career.

Tricia - TestimonialTricia Yap

Alumnus, 1988 - 1998

Alice Smith was one of the biggest influences of my childhood and I loved that my education was well rounded in all aspects. School taught me the importance of good grades but also the importance of being a team player and using failure as a learning tool through sport and competition. Alice Smith hosted many school trips and competitions overseas such as the FOBISIA games, and it definitely instilled in a me a love for competing and travelling.

Ellery - TestimonialEllery Nadarajah

Alumnus, 1999 - 2013

Alice Smith has done so much for me. I was able to play the flute with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and also climbed the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya. It took me all over the world. I got a scholarship to go to America to play my flute and that has built my musical culture; on top of all the academia as well. Alice Smith was so much more than a school to me.

David - TestimonialDavid Morris

Teacher of Biology and Science, Secondary Campus

Alice Smith is my family. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, successes and failures; we always come together to collaborate, support and share. It is immersely rewarding to work within such a supportive community.

Kayla - TestimonialKayla Chiew

Alumnus, 2009 - 2013

At Alice Smith, I was involved in sports, arts and the various committees and that has definitely shaped me to become as well-rounded as I can be and to be able to tackle life outside of the classroom.

Nial - TestimonialNiall Walsh

Alumnus, 1999 -2008

The school has grown and developed - the place looks fantastic! It was great to see the same buzz around the campus. Thank you for the incredible 13 years!


Holly - TestimonialHolly Sullivan

Head of Faculty: Creative, Expressive Arts / Head of Drama, Secondary Campus

The students are incredibly warm. There's a strong sense of community - the parents are incredibly supportive of everything that we do.

Hannah - Testimonial

Hannah Kam

Alumnus, 1995 - 2008

I was very fortunate coming to a school like Alice Smith where we had a very holistic education. Academics were important but we were also encouraged to do a lot of extra-curricular activities. And we were taught not by rote but to understand principles rather than just memorise them.

Zachary - TestimonialZachary Liew

Alumnus, 1996 - 2010

Attending an international school and being surrounded by people from all around the world has definitely helped with how I interact and deal with people. Additionally, Alice Smith gave me a really good all-round foundation - from sports to studies to creative arts - which I think has been super important in my career so far.

Ben - TestimonialBen James

Music Teacher, Primary Campus

To support our professional development, the school often hosts educational practitioners from abroad, and will support us if we attend a course outside of Malaysia. Alice Smith is a great place to be for both students and teachers as the opportunities to learn, grow, and enjoy are fantastic.