School Routine | Secondary | Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

School Routine | Secondary | Alice Smith School

Students should aim to arrive at school by 7:45am. The school day starts at 7.55am, finishes at 2.40pm. 


Starts at 2.55pm and finish at 3.55pm.

Break and Lunch

Students are able to buy snacks, drinks and lunch at school from the Food Hall during morning break and lunchtime. Food does not need to be pre-ordered. Those not purchasing their lunch must bring a packed lunch.

The Food Hall serves three set menus each day (Asian, Western and Vegetarian) and has an ‘a la carte’ menu and snacks. There is also a food kiosk which offers light snacks and is open during morning break, lunch break and after school hours.

Health Care Provision

Here at the Alice Smith school we recognise the important role that mental and physical health play in a child’s development. With this in mind our Health Centre on campus is staffed with trained personnel who seek to support the developmental needs of students. 

Our counselling staff support both students and parents through pre-arranged appointments. We operate a confidential service to our students who can self refer. In such instances parents are notified only as part of the therapeutic process. Parents are encouraged to contact the counselling service should they have any concern or questions regarding their child’s development.

Our qualified nurse tends to all immediate and ongoing medical concerns or conditions presented by our students. She works in close partnership with parents and other medical advisers where required. Parents with a child who has specific medical needs should ensure that the school nurse is fully aware of any treatment plans including medication. Parents should inform the school nurse for any student attending school who falls ill prior to or during the school day. In the case of sudden illness communicated by the child home during the day we ask that parents ensure that their child has visited the nurse. Parents should not collect their child without having first contacted the school nurse.