Bus Routes
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

Bus Routes

Our comprehensive school bus service covers most of the major residential areas in Kuala Lumpur, and is available to students at both the Primary and Secondary Campuses.

YKY Bus Service is contracted by the Alice Smith School to operate the school bus service. They run a Transport Office at both the Primary and Secondary Campus.

Bus Routes

Click links below to view the respective campus bus routes:

This list shows the order of existing pick-up and drop-off points, from the first to the last stop. Buses do not enter condominiums or gated community premises and the bus generally stops in front of the guardhouse or near to it. We do not run a door to door service and a common stop points may be established for certain areas.

For locations/condominiums not mentioned but are close to the ones listed above, please enquire on the serviceability of the area. Exact location for street names mentioned above is removed for privacy.

ECA buses are run on a compressed route and therefore is different from the normal dismissal bus route. Please refer to the ECA bus route to identify where the closest drop off point is for your address. On Fridays, the ECA bus drops off at JB campus only. Parents are to pick their children from the JB campus.

Pick up and drop off
As a general guideline, morning pick-ups are around 6.30am to 7.10am and buses depart from school approximately 3.00pm for normal dismissals and 4.00pm for ECA dismissals. Secondary Campus ECA buses are run on compressed routes.

Bus routes, timings, pick-up and drop-off points are subject to termly changes. A term’s notice is generally given before a route or stop is discontinued.

SchoolsBuddy is a dedicated bus parent portal for all your busing needs in one convenient place. You will be using SchoolsBuddy for such as viewing your child’s bus timetable, tracking your child’s bus, updating your child’s bus schedule, requesting to follow a different bus friend home and viewing important information on everything related to the bus service.

Registering for the bus service

Please mail:

  • Primary Campus [email protected]
  • Secondary Campus [email protected]
  • or go to the Transport office at either campus. They will be able to discuss routes and pick up and drop off times in more detail.

Registration for the bus is based on first come first serve basis. Should a bus be full, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list and you will be notified immediately when a seat is available.

Termly Bus Fees

Please find below details of the school bus fees. The fees are based on the length of the school terms and so vary between each term.

For students using the bus service for the first time, (or after a significant break of 2 years) there is a one-off registration fee of RM200.

    Primary Campus, Jalan Bellamy
    Travel optionsOne way (RM)Two ways (RM)
    TERM 1RM 1,950RM 2,440
    TERM 2RM 1,410RM 1,760
    TERM 3RM 1,435RM 1,795
    Secondary Campus, Equine Park (Two ways only)
    Travel optionsTwo ways (RM)
    TERM 1RM 2,990
    TERM 2RM 2,160
    TERM 3RM 2,200


    • There will be a one-off registration charge of RM200 for each child.
    • The relevant bus fees must be paid by the date stated on the invoice.
    • Fees will not be pro rated but will be for a full term or half term depending on the start date.
    • In some instances, a child might be the first to be picked up but might not necessarily be the first to be dropped off.
    • Although our bus routes are wide-ranging, we do not offer a door-to-door service.
    • Activity buses are arranged with fewer drop-off points in order to make the service viable.

    The bus service provides:

    • flexibility of routes
    • one or two way service to the Primary Campus
    • ability to change buses and travel with friends
    • no charge for Secondary ECA buses
    • all buses with seat belts   
    • stability from one company rather than separate contractors
    • bus monitor or CCTV on all buses
    • maximum bus age of 12 years
    • a GPS tracking system
    • spare drivers and buses on standby
    • a user app - SchoolsBuddy

    The SchoolsBuddy app allows bus service users to:

    • track the location of your child's bus 
    • make daily, weekly or termly bus changes  
    • set ECA bus schedules 
    • request to follow a different bus friend home 
    • view important information such as how to use the bus service, your child's bus schedule, bus rules and regulations.

    Transport Contact Information

    Primary Campus TransportSecondary Campus Transport

    During office hours: +603 2148 3674

    Out of hours (emergency): +6016 559 4541

    Email: [email protected]

    During office hours: +603 9543 3688

    Out of hours (emergency): +6012 265 9490

    Email: [email protected]

    • or go to the Transport office at either campus. They will be able to discuss routes and pick up and drop off times in more detail.