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"A great trip down memory lane! Thank you for helping me relive happy times. I was at Alice Smith from 1965  - 1967 when Mrs. Lee was headmistress - a great lady! I remember getting into a "fight" (age 6! no damage!) I thought she'd give me a grilling but she was very kind. Just visiting KL and enjoying being back in the land of my youth (left in 1977). Best wishes to all alumni of a superb school"

David Bryant
Alumnus 1964 - 1967

KLASSics_Stay connected“My closest friends are still guys from Alice Smith. I have great memories. And I loved sports. It was amazing how so much sport was played on one pitch…Rugby, hockey, rounders, football and we had really great times, probably some of my finest times. What I remember the most was trying to eat lunch as quickly as possible to play football at lunch break. And then at the end of class there were sports activities after that. Good friends, good times and good education as well”.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes
Alumnus 1970 - 1977
AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer

KLASSics_Stay connected“It’s an honour and privilege to have attended the school as a child and now to walk these same corridors as an adult.

To be able to give back something to the school that was such a huge influence in my formative years is special to me. The education I received was foundational but the biggest lessons I learned at Alice Smith, to which I remember to this day, were always outside of the curriculum”.

Charles Lim
Alumnus 1971 - 1976
Former Chair, Council of Governors and Current Parent 

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"It was so wonderful to come back to school and see all the teachers and huge changes to the school! I am so proud to be a KLASS Alumni memory, such a lovely family feeling. I have so many fond memories of both the primary campus and the secondary campus that I will keep forever.  Thank you to all the teachers and staff. I hope to keep coming back to the school and see how it's grown. All the best".

Catherine Fairclough
Alumnus 1997 - 2010
University of Southampton


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"It feels like its been a lifetime but some things never change. So happy to see that some things got improved - running to class in the rain in some departments was the worst. This school has stayed with me for so many years and will continue for a long time. It's good to come home"

Isabella Tan
Alumnus 2009 - 2012
Tisch School of the Arts



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"I wished I cherished the moments a little bit more because now that I graduated I realised how much more I just enjoy being back here today. It’s really really special. I really do love this place."

Daniel Woodroof
Alumna 2000 - 2014
University of Lancaster, UK







Should you like to be in contact with any alumni, please email [email protected] We are more than happy to help you stay connected!