Ready to apply for your child's place at Alice Smith School?
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

Ready to apply for your child's place at Alice Smith School?

Please check the admissions availability by year group. If the waiting pool is open, applications are being accepted and places may be offered, however this will be dependent on vacancies becoming available and this can not be guaranteed.

Apply now via our online application form below

Before you start, please take a moment to make sure you have all the relevant details available. You will need soft copies of the following documentation to complete your child's application:

  • One recent passport-size photograph of your child
  • Your child’s birth certificate (translated into English if applicable)
  • The most recent full school report and any others from the past 12 months (translated into English if applicable)
  • Your child's passport (personal details page only) or NRIC/MyKid for Malaysian applicant
  • Both parents’ passport (personal details page only) or NRIC for Malaysian applicant
  • Your child’s and both parents’ visas/passes (non-Malaysians) - if available

Following your submission, please ensure you receive an acknowledgement via email to confirm that the submission was successful. We look forward to receiving your application.

Please contact our Admissions team if you need assistance. 

Online Application Form

Kindly note that the online application form must be completed prior to leaving this site as incomplete information or any changes you made may not be saved. Thank you for your application.

Year Group Equivalence

The Alice Smith School determines the year groups for students based on the British education system.

Age on 31st AugustYear GroupKey Stage
3Pre-SchoolFoundation Stage
4ReceptionFoundation Stage
5Year 1Key Stage 1
6Year 2Key Stage 1
7Year 3Key Stage 2
8Year 4Key Stage 2
9Year 5Key Stage 2
10Year 6Key Stage 2
11Year 7Key Stage 3
12Year 8Key Stage 3
13Year 9Key Stage 3
14Year 10Key Stage 4
15Year 11Key Stage 4
16Year 12Key Stage 5
17Year 13Key Stage 5

Admissions Policy

Admission to The Alice Smith School is open to children of members of The Alice Smith Schools Association solely on the basis that they are assessed as being able to fully benefit from attending the school.  

In general, a student will fully benefit from attending Alice Smith School providing they:

  • are appropriately fluent in English for their age or are able to develop this fluency with support;
  • will not require significant additional adult support;
  • display a positive attitude to learning; and
  • are able to benefit from a high achieving environment.

The admissions policy is designed to ensure that the students who attend the Alice Smith School have the capacity to thrive within, and benefit from, all the school offers. The admission procedures vary, depending on the age of the student.

Each decision made is based upon the individual student’s merits and needs.

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