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Tiny Explorers

Tiny Explorers is a parent-accompanied educational and support programme exclusively for parents with infants and toddlers who are not currently attending the school. 

Tiny Explorers will feature hand-picked programmes designed to engage parents and their babies and toddlers through storytelling, music, movement and social skills development. The programme also aims to forge relationships between parents who are on the same journey and form an Alice Smith first years parent community. 

The programme will run on a weekly basis during school term only and will feature experienced early childhood educators who will guide and encourage parents and their children to explore at their own pace and preference. 

There are currently two programmes available to book now;

    Tuneful Tots music sessions with Jane Rodic

    Tuneful tots is a music session for infants and toddlers (ages 0 - 3) to sing, dance and explore instruments.  Sessions are 40 minutes every Tuesdays and Thursdays and use a variety of approaches to develop language, motor skills and instil a love of music all whilst giving the opportunity for parents and carers to bond with their little one. 

    Sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am - 9:10am

    Toddler Gym with our Primary PE Team

    Toddler Gym is a fun and educational place for toddlers (age 2 and above) to learn and grow through movement. It can promote physical development, including gross motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. Toddler Gym is a great way for your Tiny Explorers to exercise, have fun and make new friends. The sessions are led by our experienced PE teachers who are passionate about guiding toddlers to develop a love for movement. The sessions will also teach toddlers how to share, take turns and work together.

    Sessions are every Friday at 8:30am - 9:10am

    We have limited spaces and registration is required. Book now using the form below.

    More Programmes coming soon

    Tiny Explorers activities will include;

    • Parenting classes
    • Dance classes
    • Swimming classes
    • Library experiences
    • 'Messy Play' experiences

    We'll be developing this programme in the coming months - check back regularly for new classes.

    How do I book and pay for classes

    Book via the booking form above. Payment is required on the day via a QR code.

    Reviews for Tuneful Tots

    “My toddler and I have been going to Tuneful Tots for more than a year, and my 10 month old started attending at only a few weeks old. The Tuneful Tot classes are perfectly adapted and personalised so that my toddler can run around, dance, and explore instruments, but also allow my youngest to experience new sounds, enjoy finger play,  and learn actions to songs. Jane, the teacher, understands that having children means that things can pop up at the last minute, and does everything she can to ensure that no child misses out. I know that this class has instilled a love of music and dance in my children, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to encourage music interest in theirs.” - Jimmy and Frank 10 months old and 3 years old, Malaysia

    “I’m very impressed how you manage the kids and how well they listen to you. The classes are very engaging and attending a class lifts up the mood immediately. Thank you for being such a great music teacher for Louis. He’s very happy attending the classes” - Louis 2 years old, France

    “Love the discovery of the instruments, the fact that we move around and not just sitting down, love the parachute, the dancing, the listening of the music and the singing.  Sacha loves the ‘peekaboo’ song at the beginning of the class. He sings it at home very often. I like the discovery of new English songs, not always the same ones. I also like that you adapt based on the holidays to come, for example, Easter bunnies, Christmas, etc. We truly enjoy your classes.” - Sacha 2 years old, France