House Colours
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

House Colours

Traditions of our time-Origins of the house colours…

When Mrs Patricia Lee first arrived as Principal in 1964, the houses were just colours without names. To add a bit more interest and to act as a tribute to the faithful Alice Smithians, she decided to name the houses. 

The establishment of the houses was to bring all children of all ages together in an effort to give their best academically and physically. This system was and is a great success.

Alice Smith_HouseFAIRFIELD - BLUE

This was named after Mrs Alice Fairfield (Smith), the founder of the school in 1946. She was also responsible for the establishment of the Alice Smith School until her departure from  Malaya in 1950.

Alice Smith_HouseMUIR - YELLOW

Mrs Doris Muir was Headmistress from 1951 to 1959. Mrs Muir was an Australian who joined Alice Smith first as a teacher in 1948. During her time at the school, she progressed from teaching 12 students to become the head teacher.

Alice Smith_HouseFLEMING - RED

Mrs Muir’s successors were Mrs Ella Whitmore and Mrs Denise Fleming. Both were Principals at the school from 1959 to 1964. It was in 1964 that Mrs Patricia Lee succeeded Mrs Fleming.

Alice Smith_HouseSCOTT - GREEN

Reverend Thomas Scott was a Presbyterian Minister in Kuala Lumpur and in the very early years, our kindergarden was housed in his church. Reverend Scott showed a great deal of interest in the school’s development.