Place Availability
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

Place Availability

We are currently not able to accept applications from students looking to enrol under the following types of visa:

  • Student / Guardian Pass
  • MM2H visa issued in East Malaysia
  • Social visit

Please see a guide to the availability of each year group below. 

Kindly note that we will only consider applications for year groups that are open, or currently have a wait pool. 

Year Group2024 - 2025
Pre-schoolOpen (limited availability)
Year 1Open
Year 2Open 
Year 3Open (wait pool only)
Year 4Open (wait pool only)
Year 5Open (wait pool only)
Year 6Open (wait pool only)
Year 7Open (wait pool only)
Year 8Open (wait pool only)
Year 9Open (wait pool only)
Year 10Open (wait pool only)
Year 11Closed
Year 12

Open but limited A Level subject availability.

Please check with our Admissions team before applying.

Year 13Closed