Why Choose Us
Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School

Why Choose Us

Outstanding learning and teaching and high expectations at Alice Smith lead to excellent academic outcomes. In 2020:

  • 62% achieved A*- A grades at A Level
  • 78% A* - B grades
  • 95% of students are in worldwide first choice

The Alice Smith Experience adds on average half a grade to all students. Alice Smith’s value added in 2019 was 0.66 for our A level students and 1.65 for our (I)GCSE students.

  • Pearson (Edexcel), the largest examination awarding body in the world recognised its highest award winners in Malaysia and we are proud that Alice Smith School was the largest represented school in attendance. 12 students received awards for attaining the top mark in Malaysia, two students were recognised for the highest mark in Asia and one student for achieving the highest mark in the world in Advanced Level Art, Craft and Design.
  • You can choose from 24 different A level subjects and add to them with the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ offers you the opportunity to develop your independent study, research and presentation skills and is great preparation for university.

In 2019, the EPQ results were outstanding with 11% of students being awarded top marks A*, 35% A*-A, 63% A*-B and 79% A*-C, a fantastic set of results all round.

  • You will  have many opportunities to meet, listen and speak with admission tutors from the world’s leading universities. In 2019, over 50 universities visited including the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and King’s College London (UCL) from the UK as well as internationally renowned institutions such as Hong Kong University (HKU), the University of Queensland from Australia and the University of Waterloo from Canada.

Our Sixth Form Learning Centre, is specially designed to create an environment to support and encourage independent learning, peer collaboration and provide continuity from secondary school to higher education.

  • Our highly structured, comprehensive and personalised Higher Education Programme ensures we identify your  interests, strengths and concerns in order to support you individually to meet your future ambitions.
  • Student wellbeing is at the forefront of any student’s experience and you will engage in our ACHIEVE programme which offers opportunities for mentoring, counselling and personal development.

The diversity of our student body is enhanced further through our scholarship programmes. Students from local and international schools come into the Sixth Form on academic merit, thus promoting our celebration of academic curiosity and achievement.

  • Our extensive extra-curricular and wider learning programme provides you with the challenge and opportunity for leadership, service and character development. With over 100 clubs and activities, including Model United Nations (MUN), the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).
  • Success at both local and international level through our sporting programmes brings students together as part of a strong community. Students develop leadership, sportsmanship and camaraderie.
  • Through our community links, you will get the opportunity to  work with others from different backgrounds. Our students provide academic, social and language support to students of their own age. This community minded approach to service learning helps our students make a difference to others and themselves.

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