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Further Mathematics

Further Maths at A Level is a potentially important step towards preparation for studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree courses and careers beyond school.

Although many universities are reluctant to demand it (due to so few institutions offering the course) this extension course is a very good first step on the ladder into the STEM world.  It obviously supports Mathematics and it would not be possible to undertake a course in Further Mathematics without also signing on for the Mathematics A Level.  Having said all this, for gifted mathematicians, it is the perfect opportunity to take this subject further for its own sake, and delve into some exciting aspects of the world of higher mathematics.

The course is a combination of Core Further Pure Mathematics units and Applied Mathematics units, and some flexibility is built into the course depending on the aspirations and strengths of the students studying it.

Our academic results in Further Mathematics are excellent. 100% of students taking this course in 2012 scored A* or A grade.

Course Requirements

To study Further Mathematics at A Level, students should have attained an A* or A at IGCSE Mathematics. The course is very demanding and extensive and is not suitable for anyone below this standard. Students should also be studying A Level Mathematics.


Further Mathematics is a big advantage for anyone looking to go on and study Mathematics or Physics at university, and it is highly recommended for any engineering or scientific degree. Many of the pure sciences degrees will be greatly assisted by an A Level in Further Mathematics. Mathematicians work in science-based industries and scientific research, in financial management and actuarial work, in software programming, in operational research, and in many commercial, industrial, public sector and research roles where they are in demand for their problem-solving, logical thinking and analytical skills.

Approximately 20% of Alice Smith students each year go on to study Mathematics related degrees at leading universities, mainly in the UK. Included in the 2012 cohort of courses and destinations were Mechanical Engineering at Oxford, Architecture at University College London, Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Bristol
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