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Our Pastoral Team

Every teacher has pastoral responsibility.

The Secondary Campus is led by Principal Ms. Sarah Howling, with support provided by four Vice Principals with specific areas of responsibility; Gavin Lazaro - Our Students, David Slade - Achievement & Progression, Maria Osowiecki - Our Staff and David Potts - Learning & Teaching. 

At the forefront of every teacher’s role is a pastoral responsibility for our charges. We understand that a teacher’s influence is increased by the time spent with students both on the curriculum, and outside it. We use and recognise this in the guidance of the students, utilising particular staff with particular students.


The Pastoral Team structure is simple and effective. It starts with a Tutor who sees the students daily, and acts as that first port of call for all aspects of the students’ lives; parents, staff, the students themselves, and other students.

Key Stage Responsibilities

The next layer is the Assistant Key Stage Leader (AKSL), who guides a particular year group in Key Stages 3 and 4. In Key Stage 5, the Assistant Key Stage Leaders have particular areas of responsibility within the Sixth Form, as the guidance required differs.

The AKSL works closely with the Key Stage Leader (KSL), who oversees the welfare of all the students in the Key Stage, and has a very clear knowledge of the systems required within that Key Stage; transitions in and out, options, PSHE lessons and Wider Learning Days. They provide the link with the rest of the school and with the Vice Principal: Our Students, who oversees student welfare and personal development for the Secondary Campus.

School Counseling Service

The school enjoys the services of a qualified and experienced counsellor. Students who wish to discuss any issues with the counsellor on a confidential basis can either contact the counsellor directly or ask a teacher to make an appointment for them.

School Nurse

We have a full-time qualified nurse to attend to any health needs of students and staff when injury or illness occurs during the school day. The medical room for the Secondary Campus is on the ground floor of the Sixth Form Block, Room No. FG07 and the direct line is +603 9543 3688 Ext. 500 

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