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The table below is a summary of the initial fees and deposits required by new students, as agreed by the Alice Smith Schools Association for 2017-2018. All fees are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia. Fees are reviewed annually and subject to change. All fees are non-refundable unless indicated.

For the detailed PDF copy of the fee schedule, please click this link: 

Fee Schedule 2017-2018. 

Fee Schedule 2016-2017.   

Application and Enrolment  

Application fees, non-refundable

Payable upon submission of Application Form


RM 1,200

Enrolment fee, non-refundable
To be paid in order to confirm the placement of a child.

(Subsequently upon entering Reception, the difference of the enrolment fee paid and the enrolment fee for Reception at the rate then applicable for the academic year must be paid)

RM 5,000

Reception to Year 11

RM 25,000

Year 12 to 13 (Sixth Form)

RM 15,000

Re-entry fee

This amount is payable for children who have left the Alice Smith School and are returning to the school within a period of five (5) years from the date they left school. After five (5) years or more, new application terms apply.

RM 2,000

Membership in the Alice Smith Schools Association


1) Parents who wish to have their child admitted to the School as a student must first be admitted as a Parent Member of the Alice Smith Schools Association ("the Association).

2) Parents must pay a membership fee of RM 20 to join the Association.


3) All parent members shall contribute to the Building Fund Contribution of the Association as follows:

a) Building fund contribution 

(one-off per child upon admission. The payment of Building Fund Contribution of a child admitted into Pre-school and Reception will be deferred to the point of the child progressing to Year 1).



RM 10,000 per child

b) Building fund levy is payable on a termly basis per child and is billed together with the school fees.

RM 2,000 per child

Tuition Fees 2016-2017

Year Level Tuition Fees
per term (RM)
Compulsory Building
Fund Levy per term (RM)
Parent Deposit
refundable (RM)
Pre-school 11,430 1,800 11,430
Reception 15,710 1,800 15,710
Year 1 17,250 1,800 17,250
Year 2 17,250 1,800 17,250
Year 3 17,750 1,800 17,750
Year 4 17,750 1,800 17,750
Year 5 17,750 1,800 17,750
Year 6 17,750 1,800 17,750
Year 7 22,220 1,800 22,220
Year 8 22,220 1,800 22,220
Year 9 22,220 1,800 22,220
Year 10 25,700 1,800 25,700
Year 11 25,700 1,800 25,700
Year 12 26,680 1,800 26,680
Year 13 26,680 1,800 26,680

Fees Structure Terms

  1. The Tuition Fees are payable termly  - 3 terms per year. Tuition Fees are inclusive of all books, materials and resources.
  2. The compulsory Building Fund Levy is payable termly along with the tuition fees.
  3. An additional fee of RM3,570 per term will be levied on the Pre-school Extended Day programme.
  4. The Alice Smith School offers Sibling Discount for families with three or more children at the school.
  5. The Alice Smith School offers a Long Stay Discount to students who complete five or more consecutive years of study at the school.
  6. All information provided is correct at the time of printing and is subject to change. The School reserves the right to alter or delete any information included at any time and it shall not be bound by errors or omissions and cannot accept liability in respect thereof.

Sibling Discount

Entitlement Enrollment Fee Tuition Fee
Third sibling 25% discount 6% discount
Fourth and subsequent siblings 50% discount 10% discount

This discount is only applicable to a child who has siblings studying in the Alice Smith School at the time when the child joins the academic year.

Long Stay Discount

Long Stay Discount is dependent on the child's duration of study at the Alice Smith School:

Duration of Study Discount on Nett Tuition Fee
Completed (5) consecutive years 6%
Completed (7) consecutive years 7%
Completed (9) consecutive years or more 8%

Payment Details

Cheques are made payable to The Alice Smith Schools Association.

If you would like to transfer the funds, the bank-in details are as follows:






ACCOUNT No.: 301-375325-001
Swift Code: HBMBMYKL

Payments must include all the various bank and/or beneficiary charges. Otherwise we will charge for any shortfall in the amounts owing. When making payment into our account, please email Admissions with the online banking reference number as soon as the transfer has been made. This would enable us to keep track of all the payments made.

Please note that overseas telegraphic transfers are not possible in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Transactions in GBP/USD or other currencies must be equivalent to the amount charged in MYR.

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