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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the The Alice Smith School Foundation?

The Alice Smith School Foundation is managed by the Alice Smith Schools Association (ASSA), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee registered in Malaysia. The Alice Smith School Foundation enables the school to collect donations for financial support.

The foundation has five areas of funding for donations: Scholarships and Bursaries; Community; Special Educational Projects; Buildings and Facilities and Endowment.

Various fundraising initiatives and ongoing donation drives will be held, supported by the parents, alumni, staff, corporate organisations and friends.

2. Why does the Alice Smith School invite donations, in addition to school fees?

The Alice Smith School is a not-for-profit organisation. Additional income sources such as donations from the PTA and the Foundation, allow the school to offer students special enhancements to their educational experience without affecting school fees. The donations also enable Alice Smith to expand the reach and scope of its charitable and philanthropic work and will help to secure the long term future of the school.

3. Who is being encouraged to give?

Alice Smith parents, alumni, staff, corporate organisations and friends.

4. Is it compulsory that I donate?

No. While our goal is 100% participation by the school community, the school wishes to stress that donations are voluntary. Donations should be freely given with no expectations of personal gain other than due thanks and recognition.

5. Why is participation so important?

Maximising participation is a testament to our donors’ belief in what we are doing and a statement to others that the Alice Smith School comprises a community actively involved in the advancement of its mission – to provide an outstanding British education for a successful international future.

6. Is there a minimum amount I must give if I wish to participate?

All donations are gratefully accepted. The ultimate goal is 100% participation by the community and every contribution is valued and appreciated.

7. Will my gift make a difference?

Absolutely! Every gift has an impact in making a positive difference to our students, families, teachers and community. Your gift will help the school build a culture of philanthropy for the benefit of present and future generations.

8. Can I direct my donation to a certain priority?

Yes. The Foundation aims to address enhancements for the whole school, balancing the needs of both our primary and secondary campuses. The funding areas of the Foundation and priorities within these areas of funding support the school’s continuous improvement. Allocation of funds will be overseen by the Foundation Board and the Council of Governors.

9. Do other international schools in Malaysia and the region raise money in this way?

Yes, many other not-for-profit schools have ‘giving’ programmes. Long established and highly reputable British and American international schools have annual fundraising programmes, having identified the need to supplement operating budgets to enhance student programmes. Fundraising through ‘giving’ is common practice in the British school system. Annual funds are recognised as the cornerstone of fund-raising for many independent academic institutions and have a proven record of positive impact.    

10. How will the activities of the Foundation be communicated?

Updates to the whole community will be posted on the foundation pages of the school’s website and will include participation percentages, the total value of the fund and all priorities that are funded. A dedicated annual publication about the work of the Foundation will report on funds received as well as funds spent or allocated.

11. Who will know how much I have donated?

Donation value recognition is optional. Donations will be recognised in the annual ‘Thank You’ Report of Giving. Donors have the option not to have their donation value categorised or not to have their name included at all in the reporting of giving to the Foundation.

For any other questions about the Foundation , please email


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