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International School Awards 2019

The Alice Smith School has been shortlisted in two categories for the International School Awards 2019, with the awards ceremony being held in London on 21st January 2019. The awards celebrate excellence in educational practice in international schools worldwide, with our Primary Campus recognised for creativity in learning in our curriculum and for pastoral care with our student leadership initiatives at playtime.


For cross-curricular and some specialist-led subjects in primary, we use a ‘backwards design’ approach to planning. At each point of planning, the focus for all learning is the cross-curricular goal. By defining the end, teachers can personalise the learning journey, ensuring that the starting point is appropriate for each student. This is often done using a cold task or pre-assessment activity. 

A clearly defined success criteria outlining what achieving the goal could look like, supports teachers and students to plan the ‘steps’ needed. Necessary skills for each step are then selected from our progressive skills ladders - suitable for a stage, not age curriculum. In this model, student understanding is central. Once teachers have supported students to acquire necessary skills or knowledge, they provide contextual experiences to deepen understanding. Teachers can then assess depth of learning through observation of independent transfer.

The Student Led Positive Playtimes action plan reflected the contextual needs of our international school playtimes and showed us that we had a body of students that wanted to make a difference to their school. 

Student involvement proved vital in the success of the playtime initiative. Having the children closely involved in developing and looking after their playtime equipment and environment has further developed their sense of belonging, participation and respect for each other and adults.


This Year 6 Leadership Programme initiative has contributed to the enhancement of the quality of play times at our school and provided invaluable learning experiences for the students, positively impacting their emotional well being. 

Apart from being shortlisted for the International School Awards 2019, the Alice Smith School recently achieved the Professional Development Quality Mark (PDQM) Gold Award, by the UCL Institute of Education. The PDQM was developed by experienced PD Leaders in partnership with specialists at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning to improve professional development practice in schools and educational settings across London, and beyond. Sharing knowledge and learning together as a community is a thriving aspect of the Alice Smith School culture. We are proud that Alice Smith is the first international school to gain this quality mark and is now working towards Platinum level recognition.

Other notable achievements include being shortlisted for the TES International School of the Year Award in 2016, the British International School Awards (BISA) and Relocate Awards, both in 2018.

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