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English Language

English Language at AS and A Level is both challenging and exciting. Students will explore a wide range of both spoken and written texts.

It is an engaging, new and varied course following on from essential language analysis skills developed at GCSE. Studying English Language enables students to look at real life issues and examine a wide variety of texts including spoken discourse. Students will explore and analyse language data independently, develop their own writing and reflect on this. 

The course provides an excellent balance of coursework and examination units, with the A2 coursework allowing students to work independently and select their own choices of research. Students will develop skills which are vital for a wide range of subjects: the ability to read critically, exploring connections and comparisons; the ability to articulate creative, informed responses and the ability to write and speak with confidence and accuracy.

Course Requirements

It is desirable that students embarking upon an English Language course have achieved at least a grade 'C' in GCSE English Language.


Students of English Language have a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. In particular A-Level English Language can be extremely valuable if students wish to pursue a career in areas such as advertising, journalism, publishing, education, law, business and management to name just a few.  They will learn, and use, a wide variety of transferable skills during the course. These include writing for a variety of purposes, responding to a wide range of texts using close analysis techniques, conducting independent research and the exploration of data. 


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