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Academic Results

Our academic results are consistently excellent placing us among the best British international schools in the world.

Our students consistently achieve highly in both (I)GCSE and A Level examinations and gain places in the world’s top universities. Year after year we are incredibly proud of our students’ attainment and our 2018 results are no exception. 

A Level

This year our Year 13 students achieved excellent results, with 77% of all results awarded at grades A*, A or B level. The school celebrates an outstanding increase in A*/A grades (56%) and a record breaking number of A*s (24%). 

We would like to highlight the following outstanding attainment: Physics (43% A* and 32% A), Maths (71% A* - A) and Further Maths (89% A*).  

There were also some exceptional individual achievements: 39% of our students achieved all straight A*/A grades with 3 students achieving 4A* and five students attaining 3A*. 43% of students were awarded at least 1 A* and our three scholar students this year achieved highly, being awarded in turn 4A*, 3A* and 2A*A.


This year is the first year of combined letter and number grades at (I)GCSE, with students sitting the new and more challenging examinations in six subjects (Art, Digital Photography, Music, PE, Maths and Computer Science). The grading equivalencies are as follows:

When considering equivalent grades 85% feel in the A*-B (9 - 5) band, 95% A*-C (9 - 4) band. This year’s results contribute to the school’s three year rolling average of A*/A grades which increases to 69%. 

In England the highest numerical grade (9) has been awarded statistically to the top 4% of the cohort taking the examinations worldwide. We are delighted to have attained 22% 9 grades; an exceptional achievement. Subjects of particular note are Music (39% 9s), Art (33% 9s), Digital Photography (25% 9s) and Maths (22% 9s) and Additional Maths (77% A*/A), Biology (84% A*/A), English Language (77% A*/A) and Physics (80% A*/A).

One student attained a perfect score of 8 A* and 3 9s followed by another 9 students having a perfect score of a combination of A* and 9s. Almost half of the year group of 117 students achieved 8 or more A*-A (9 - 7) grades.

Global Outstanding Learner Awards


Value Added 

Alice Smith examination results are excellent, however, when we consider that as a school we are not highly selective like many UK independent and international schools, our results are truly outstanding. When reflecting on academic results, we can look at absolute attainment, but in order to understand the impact of any school it is also important to look at achievement too and the progress students make during their studies. There are many factors that may influence achievement such as the quality of teaching and the learning environment. The value we place on professional learning and collaboration together with our continued improvements to our campus are testament to how important we consider the quality of teaching and learning to be in affecting a student’s progress.
Measuring the impact that teaching and a school has on student outcomes is known as Value Added. Many schools will simply report high grades but do not report value added which provides a more complete picture of how a school positively impacts on student learning and results. 
Value Added is calculated by comparing a predicted grade (statistically derived from an accurate and fully standardised assessment which compares the outcomes of tens of thousands of students) with a student’s actual examination grade;  the difference between the two is either positive, neutral or negative and indicates the impact the school has had upon the student’s outcomes.
So how does Alice Smith compare? In 2017, the average Value Added at A Level for the 10 highest attaining independent schools in England was  +0.19. Alice Smith’s value added in 2018 across A Levels and GCSE was +0.5. This means that through our stimulating and supportive learning environment and excellent teaching, we added on average half a grade to all students.



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