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Charity and Community

Having a sense of responsibility for the community is part and parcel of an Alice Smith education, where community can mean the school, our local area, the region or the world.

Listed below are a list of other wide range of initiatives our students undertake, to encourage good citizenship - from selling home-made cakes at break time to raise money for a local children’s charity, to building a library and canteen for a local school in the rural northern Thailand, to simply following the Golden Rules.




​​The school supports a number of local charities which for the main part help and support the education of children who are less fortunate.


Every student at the Alice Smith School is actively involved in fundraising for local charities through:-

  • Varied school events such as Mufti Days, Summer Fairs, Christmas Shoe Box Appeal and Charity Week.  ​
  • Charity Week, where students create and run their own stalls to raise money and learn about social entrepreneurship 

Charity Dinner

The Alice Smith School Charity Dinner is now an integral part of our calendar, having being introduced in 2010. This is an event completed organised and run by the Sixth Formers. At the event, newly instructed in the art of waiting, the students serve a three-course dinner to guests. In between courses, guests are treated to a diverse range of student performances, from stand-up comedy to classical music. 

Funds earned from ticket sales, the raffle and the auction go to the charities where our secondary students are involved in community work during school trips. Charities have included:

  • Kasih Peduli Anak Orphanage in Bali (which name means ‘love and care about children’ in English)
  • ECOTEER in the Perhentian islands, a project aimed at increasing environmental and cultural awareness amongst villagers and tourists
  • Kien Sangker Commune in Cambodia, where 80% of the commune’s population live in poverty
  • TAT Turtle Sanctuary on Tioman, which seeks to protect the magnificent but endangered species.

Community Work

"It was an amazing experience and I will definitely go back to help at the soup kitchen" Jordan, Year 6

During their last year at the Primary Campus, students participate in the Year 6 Challenge and throughout their Secondary education, students contribute to community projects locally and overseas.

  • Jordan in Year 6 spent four days of her school holidays working at the Kechara Soup Kitchen in Kuala Lumpur. She was a great help to the staff and is keen to go back and help out more.
  • Kylie, also in Year 6, helped out during her school holidays at the Becques Community School in the Philippines.

"I will never forget my 4 week visit to Kenya where I took part in voluntary work including the building of schools and climbing the 5000m high Mount Kenya" Mathijs, Year 13


  • Over the last three years, Year 9 students have funded and built a toilet block, medical room, school shop, whole-school canteen and school library for the Ban San Pha Kha school in rural northern Thailand, as well as sponsoring two girls and one boy through 3years of secondary education.
  • In addition to the 150 children who are on roll and supported by the government, the school supports around 40-50 children of migrant workers from Thai and Myanmar hill tribes such as Shan and Lahu, for which they receive no government-funding.
  • At the Kien Sangker Commune in Cambodia, where 80% of the commune’s population live in poverty, the Alice Smith School raised funds to purchase the building supplies needed to build a kitchen area for the village school and during a subsequent visit our students spent time with the village children, teaching them songs and English phrases.

Alice Smith students are actively involved in community work, contributing generously of their time and effort. Through this experience, they witness first-hand the challenges and the benefits involved  and gain life-long lessons in giving.  


AQA Enrichment Activities

In Sixth Form, students follow the AQA Baccalaureate programme, of which A Levels are the academic element.  As part of the Enrichment Activities element, Sixth Formers volunteer in a range of community initiatives including mentoring lower school students and helping classes,  organising and stewarding events, such as International Week, working with local charities and running activities and clubs after school.

Many students are also involved with teaching English to refugee children in collaboration with UNHCR. So far, we have supported refugee children from Myanmar and Somalia. We have also started a Sports Day for UNHCR children, again run by Sixth Formers with support from the PE staff.


Youthact is a charity group that is run by students at the Secondary Campus, which provides the opportunity to give something back to their local community. It encourages them to consider what the lives of others are like and to respect the challenges that people are faced with on a day to day basis. Students select charities that they would like to get involved with and then come up with ways to support these charities over the year.

Youthact volunteers are a credit to the school. They are kind, considerate and empathetic to those around them. As they run the club themselves, under staff supervision, they gain experiences working as a team, keeping to deadlines, publicising the activities they are organising and communicating and speaking in front of their peers. In order to raise funds and awareness for the charities they have chosen to support they have to be creative, dedicated and passionate.

In the last year, the students have held bake sales, collected and donated new and second hand toys to local refugee centres and at Christmas ran an appeal for donations of new presents that they gave to the Lighthouse Orphanage in Kuala Lumpur. 

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