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Business Studies

Business Studies is concerned with understanding customers and how to meet their needs effectively.

This is done through understanding how businesses raise money and how to manage money effectively, understanding where to locate a business and how to produce efficiently, understanding how to manage people effectively and understanding how a business interacts with the external environment.

You should choose Business Studies if the following questions interest you: What are the implications of Nike producing its goods in less developed countries? What are the important overseas markets for UK businesses to exploit? What are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs? Why do some companies fail?

During the course, students will gain a broad understanding of the business world and develop skills, knowledge and understanding related to topics such as business planning, finance, marketing and people in business.  The course is about discussion and decision making applied to a business context.  You will be required to analyse key factors, construct arguments and recommend a strategy to a business problem.

Course Requirements

No previous study of the subject is required because the course assumes no prior knowledge. However, students should have a keen interest in learning about how businesses operate and they will need to have a lively and enquiring mind.


The Business Studies course combines well with almost all other A Level subjects. Students with an A Level in Business Studies have access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities. Courses and careers where the study of business is obviously beneficial include accounting, marketing, personnel management and retailing.

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