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Biology is a Science of three dimensions.

Biology is one of the most rapidly developing sciences and the next century will see the subject dominate some of the most intellectually challenging problems that will affect our society.

From synthetic biology to the management of the environment, it is vital that educated people understand the contributions that biological sciences have made, and will continue to make, for the future welfare of human beings. The Edexcel GCE Biology specification has been designed to engage and inspire students by showing how an understanding of contemporary issues requires a grasp of fundamental biological ideas.

The course develops biological knowledge, understanding and the ability to apply this information to novel situations. It provides students with an in-depth insight of how biology impacts upon their everyday lives both in the world around them and in personal, social, economic and technological contexts.

When studying Biology at A Level, students work towards firstly an AS in Biology and often subsequently a full A2, following the Edexcel specification. This course is very popular with the students, with an ideal balance of research, practical work, theory and analysis, providing an excellent basis for higher level study in Biological Sciences or Medicine.

Course Requirements

Students opting for any science A Level must have a strong background in (I)GCSE Sciences. A BB grade in Double Award Science or a B in Biology at (I)GCSE is therefore desirable, although grades lower than this will be considered on an individual basis.

Whilst mathematical study at a higher level is not essential, a minimum of a grade C at (I)GCSE level is necessary to allow development of statistical tests used in Biology.


Biology A Level gives access to many degree courses.Past students who have studied this course have gone on to the following careers or courses: Medicine, Dentistry, Research, Genetics, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Physiology, Optometry, Law, Psychology, Pharmacology, Forensic Science, Agriculture, English, Engineering and Accountancy. Biologists are sought after graduates for their ability to quickly adapt to new and developing ideas.

Biology is a Science of three dimensions.
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