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A Level Examinations

The Examinations team, headed by our Examinations Officer, organises and administers all external and internal examinations at the Secondary Campus.

We are a certified examination centre for Edexcel, CIE and AQA and offer exams at GCSE, IGCSE and A Level. For further information regarding which subjects follow which examination boards and syllabus please request a curriculum guide.

External exams are sat in May/June each year. Under new regulations from the exam board, there is no limit to the number of times a student repeats a unit exam. Under such rules students will retain their best mark.

This means that a student could take a unit exam in the summer of their Year 12, and then retake the unit in summer of their Year 13. Naturally, the aim is for the student to do their best in the first sitting. However, it is a recognised fact that students mature as learners at different rates and that, particularly in certain subjects, a resit can improve a mark by a grade.

The majority of the units are formal examinations but some are portfolio/project-based coursework. The coursework units require good organisation and time planning on the part of the student to ensure success. Examinations are sat in line with UK directives and occur in the afternoon and early evening.

If you have any specific questions about examinations please contact the Examinations Office or Admissions.


Grades offered at AS/A Level are; A, B, C, D, E and all these grades are seen as 'pass' grades, and can be credited for university entrance. At A2 level students can also achieve an A* grading.

Useful Links

Information about Edexcel exams can be found at

Information about AQA exams can be found at

All such exam boards are regulated by Ofqual. Further information can be found at

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