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Reports and Assessments

An academic report is issued roughly every six weeks which includes details of the current assessed level of attainment in each subject as well as an indication of the student’s progress in relation to a teacher determined target grade.


One academic report per year will also include detailed written comments on an individual’s strengths and areas to improve.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

There is one parent/teacher/student conference held per year for each year group to give parents the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and discuss academic progress in each subject. Students are also encouraged to attend this conference and actively participate in discussions to benefit their own learning.


In several subjects we have organised students into sets of similar ability. This is an efficient way to encourage students to become more confident within a subject by working at the level appropriate to their ability and in doing this we hope to enable them to achieve their full potential. Movement within and across sets is always possible according to performance.


Assessments form an integral part of the learning process. These will vary and could comprise of quizzes, completing practical tasks, speaking, creating artifacts or peer assessments. All are designed in some way to shape a student’s learning to maximise their potential by guiding the student in terms of their successes as well as informing them on areas for development.

Tests and Examinations

In addition to the ongoing assessments listed above, there are more formal tests and exams in most subjects at the end of each academic year for Year 9 students and above. In addition, the Alice Smith School runs computer adaptive tests in Years 7, 10, 11 and 12 which require no special preparation and are generally enjoyed by the students. The test results, which are analysed by the University of Durham, measure academic potential and offer a valuable insight for teachers to help them set targets in specific subjects.

External Examinations

Year Examination

Year 11

(International) General Certificate of Secondary Education - (I) GCSE

Year 12

Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level)

Year 13

Advanced Level (A Level)

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