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Sixth Form Curriculum | Alice Smith School

Welcome to the Alice Smith School Sixth Form, offering the A Level programme and so much more.

We offer every student a rich academic and social experience in a caring international community that will prepare them thoroughly for their next step in life. We are often asked by prospective parents how a British education at the Alice Smith School is different to other schools and colleges in Kuala Lumpur. Here we aim to briefly summarise its benefits:

Excellent Academic Results

We have consistently excellent academic results (av. 75% of results graded A*, A or B in the last three years) which in turn lead to an impressive 85% of our students obtaining a place at their first choice university, with the majority of students choosing to study in the UK. Our Sixth Form students are very much an integral part of the Alice Smith School, directly benefiting from its wide range of first-class facilities and educational provision, participating fully in school life and providing a good example to younger students. 

A Personalised Curriculum

Our Sixth Form academic curriculum is comprised of linear, two-year A levels, optional two-year AS levels and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Within our Pathways programme students can choose from three key combinations of courses to suit their strengths, needs and aspirations:

Pathway A Levels Academic Breath
1 3 A levels Private study support
2 3 A levels 2-year AS or EPQ
3 3 A levels 2-year AS and EPQ

Two-year AS levels serve as an optional means of providing academic breadth to augment students’ A level combination. The EPQ affords students the opportunity to express and develop their intellectual curiosity through a piece of original research whilst learning independent learning skills and acts as an unparalleled form of preparation for undergraduate study. Other combinations are also possible to personalise a student’s academic programme.

A Commitment to The Whole Student

"Quality education develops the skills, values and attitudes that enable citizens to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, make informed decisions, and respond to local and global challenges through education for sustainable development and global citizenship education." (Education 2030: Incheon Declaration, UNESCO, 2016)

Our ACHIEVE programme is instrumental in our commitment to the personal development of our students by ensuring that the wider aspects of  their learning are addressed through the academic curriculum and a dedicated programme of learning experiences. This combination of experiences is bespoke to Alice Smith and is tailored to suit students’ needs, strengths and context with the aim of nurturing wellbeing, character, self-awareness and self-assurance within a challenging, vibrant and supportive environment. 

ACHIEVE stands for seven empirically validated elements of wellbeing and essential skills which together describe a flourishing individual:

Sixth Form Curriculum

Within the Sixth Form this specifically involves ongoing specialist higher education guidance to ensure students make informed decisions about their next steps in education and that they are supported every step of the way, wherever they choose to go. In addition, the ACHIEVE programme provides opportunities through voluntary service, leadership development, recreation and travel to ensure that they develop the skills and values they need to lead highly successful adult lives.


In addition to outstanding facilities and educational provision our Sixth Form students are also supported within the school’s pastoral care and academic coaching programmes. Our Sixth Form students benefit from specialist coaching and support in coping with the demands of academic life in addition to other sources of pressure they may experience.

Sixth Form Centre

We have a brand new, dedicated Sixth Form centre, smoothly bridging the gap between school and university style learning to support students in their studies. It is a dynamic workplace with a collegiate atmosphere providing a variety of learning environments for independent and collaborative study complemented by spaces for reflection and relaxation.

Opportunities beyond the classroom 

Outside of the classroom there are many areas of challenge and reward open to the students. From the extensive sporting facilities to the international work behind the Model United Nations, the opportunities are vast. Our students know that grades alone will not secure places at top universities and therefore our extra-curricular programme is an integral part of their experience. Community projects, both home and abroad, are an important step to developing a sense of self-efficacy, purpose and service to others. 

Bursaries and Scholarships 

The Alice Smith School run both bursary and scholarship schemes for a small number of Sixth Formers each year.  

It is a truism that what you get out of a situation is a consequence of what you put in. We urge every Sixth Form student to dedicate themselves to the two years they have here, committing themselves with determination to filling their school lives by contributing fully to all aspects of the Alice Smith Sixth Form to create for themselves, and others, a unique and rewarding experience.

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