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Pastoral Care

We place equal importance on the development of students personally, socially and emotionally. 

We aim to provide opportunities and create a challenging place with a positive atmosphere, in which everyone is encouraged both to enjoy their education and to give of their best in all things.

Our Focus is Beyond Academic 

Student welfare is paramount in the school, and nurturing students to be all they can be in all facets of life is vital. Understanding the needs of each student and working with them is what we do – we know how talented our students are and we aim to bring every single one to the forefront of where they want to be.

Advice and Guidance 

The welfare direction in the Secondary Campus moves forward into the realms of guidance – we advise the students on choices that they will face and offer guidance on what are the right choices, for them as individuals and for the community they live in. 

The Pastoral Team guides students through these choices through everyday interactions, by spending time with tutors setting targets, reviewing their performance and motivational interviewing.

The school takes the time to celebrate achievements in any arena, appreciating the value added to our community by both individuals and groups.

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