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Please complete the form below and help us generate a profile of your interests, in order that we can keep in close contact with you, specifically with material you will be genuinely interested to see.

Fields marked with an asterisk are essential for registration. Please note that all personal information (contact details, email address, correspondence address, date of birth and personal interests) are confidential and will not be released. 

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Please find information regarding data protection for alumni in our Personal Data Protection Policy.

KLASSICs are an important part of the extended community of the Alice Smith School and if you wish, there are many ways you can support the school today.

  • Sharing your experiences with students as a guest speaker or at our careers fair
  • Become a regional KLASSICs coordinator to help connect KLASSICs in your city or country perhaps through events 
  • Contributing to the school photograph archive by uploading your favourite snaps from your time at the Alice Smith School onto our KLASSICs Facebook page
  • Support school events and excursions through corporate sponsorship or donation in kind which would benefit our students’ educational experience.
  • Offer work placement opportunities for our Year 11, 12 and 13 students providing them an invaluable experience and help to set them apart in their university applications and offer an insight into possible future career options
  • .....and last by no means as a valued member of our school community, we ask that you pass on your wonderful experiences on to prospective students, parents and staff of the Alice Smith School.

If you would  like to offer your support in any way, please contact our KLASSICs coordinator at



   KLASSics - The Alice Smith School Alumni Association



   The Alice Smith School


   Alice Smith School

As a member you will receive:

  • Opportunity to maintain contact and create networks with former students, staff and parents all over the world through our Facebook Group and LinkedIn groups.

  • Priority allocation of places for admission to Alice Smith, where the parent is a former student of the Alice Smith School (proof of attendance will be required).

  • Share your work expertise with students at Alice Smith and facilitate in the World of Work programme.

  • Receive regular news from the school and other alumni (keeping in touch).

  • Invitations to reunions and events, eg. annual Alumni UK get-together and KLASS Business Networking events.

  • Support to set up your own reunion.

  • Giving back to KLASS: opportunity to leave legacy eg share experience, contribute ideas to school development, sponsorship, scholarship, annual fund etc.

  • Access to member search and photo gallery.

The Alumni Ambassador represents a critical link between Alice Smith School and our network of former students, staff and families worldwide. Being part of the Alumni Ambassador programme is a fantastic way for you to network, socialise and share the experience which you have had of your time spent at the school. What better way than to volunteer as a Alice Smith Alumni Ambassador for your region, city or special interest group! We look forward to welcoming you on board.


  • An alumnus acts as a voluntary representative of the Alice Smith School.
  • Offer valuable time and skills through initiating, volunteering opportunities and alumni networks in their respective country/region.
  • Support the growth of alumni activity, eg social and professional networks, in their respective location(s).
  • Act as a point of liaison.


  • Excellent networking opportunities with other alumni.
  • Gain access to exclusive events.
  • Opportunity to enhance own personal and professional development.
  • Support their career development (for younger Alumni).
  • Play an active role in the development of the School.


  • Must be registered with the Alice Smith School Alumni Association.
  • If you have great passion, anyone can be an ambassador.
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